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Big Time Collectibles

Big Time offers two types of Collectibles in-game: cosmetic and utility Collectibles (SPACE). The latter gives you the ability to produce, upgrade, and repair in-game items such as rare weapons, armor skins, and the Hourglass, which unlocks token loot. Collectibles can be obtained in-game by defeating enemies and bought/sold in the Open Loot Marketplace.
SPACE Collectibles features are coming soon but are unavailable for now. More space features will be released with the SPACE holders and invite-only beta Periods. check the Timeline for reference

Cosmetic Collectibles

Cosmetic Collectibles can be found in-game by defeating enemies or purchased from other players in the Marketplace. These Collectibles enhance the appearance of your weapons and armor with additional flairs such as particle effects and sounds. They do not affect in-game stats such as strength or dexterity; in that sense, Big Time is not a pay-to-win game. Cosmetic Collectibles are produced primarily by Armories and Forges, which are player-operated.
Examples include weapon and armor cosmetic skins.


SPACE Collectibles are used in-game to expand your Personal Metaverse. Time Wardens, Forges, and Armories are installed onto your SPACE to let you engage in the in-game creator economy. For example, Time Wardens produce Hourglass Collectibles, which can be equipped to unlock token loot.
Examples include SPACE, Time Wardens, Forges, Armories, and Hourglasses.

Binance Collectible Collectibles

Big Time released four sets of collectible postcards on Binance via Mystery Boxes. Each collection has a total of six postcards. Collect all six postcards from any collection below to get an exclusive wearable inside the game after the game launch. These animated postcards feature stunning vistas from four different locations in Big Time:
  • Time’s End - the last planet at the end of the universe.
  • The Syphon - where ancient technology draws power from a collapsing star.
  • The Paradox Forge - where alien craftsmen harness cosmic power for their dark purpose.
  • The Infinity Vault - what terrible secrets are held within its walls?
You must collect all six postcards from within any one of the collections above to redeem your exclusive in-game wearable.
More information on redeeming your complete collection set for an in-game wearable is coming soon.