๐Ÿ”งCosmetic Dust

Cosmetic Dust is a currency that is in-game only and cannot be traded between players.

How To Acquire Cosmetic Dust

What Cosmetic Dust Is Used For

What Is Dusting

Dusting is where a player forfeits a Cosmetic Collectible to acquire a small amount of Cosmetic Dust.

Dusted Cosmetic Collectibles will go back to the pool of droppable/Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles. The amount of Cosmetic Dust will depend on the rarity of the Cosmetic Collectible Dusted.

Dusting Availability

Not any Cosmetic Collectible can be dusted, there will be a daily or weekly rotation of specific Cosmetics that the vendor will accept or trade-in for Cosmetic Dust.

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