๐Ÿ“€Prestige Portal

Prestige Portals are a special type of portal that has increased drop rates for Time Crystals, $BIGTIME Tokens, Cosmetic Shards, Bonus Roll Chips, and Cosmetic Collectibles.

Entry Restriction

To enter Prestige Portals players will have the do the following:

Cosmetic Requirement

Cosmetic Requirements consist of requirements that players need to meet to be able to enter the Prestige Portal. These requirements will be related to Cosmetic Collectibles, besides Rarity, restrictions could be on tags, examples of tags are:

  • Source: The source of this Collectible. (Craftable, Non-craftable, etc.)

  • Theme: The theme of the Collectible (Viking, Medieval, etc.)

  • Season: The season the Collectible was released (EAL, Preseason, Season 1, etc.)

  • Color: The color of the Collectible (Red, Blue, etc.)

Note: these are just examples and not the final list of tags that will go into the game.

Examples of Cosmetic Requirements:

Entry Fee

Once the Cosmetic Requirements are met, Players can pay the Entry Fee to enter. The Entry Fee can either be $BIGTIME Tokens or Time Crystals. Some Prestige Portals may also have no Entry Fee.

Portal Modifiers

These are mods that can affect certain variables related to the portal:

There will be two types of Mods:

  • Cosmetic Economy Modifiers.

  • Gameplay Modifiers.

Cosmetic Economy Modifiers

These are modifiers that can affect the Cosmetic Economy Drops such as Time Crystals, $BIGTIME Tokens, Cosmetic Shards, Cosmetic Collectibles, etc.

Gameplay Modifiers

These are modifiers that can affect the gameplay, things that can make the encounter or adventure harder or easier, depending on the mods.

Acquiring Power Through Prestige Portals

Prestige Portals DO NOT have any advantages when it comes to getting power-related items.

Modifier Slots

Each Prestige Portal will have two types of Modifier Slots:

  • Preselected Slots

  • Bonus Roll Slots

Preselected Slots

These are slots that are preselected on the Prestige Portal at the moment it spawns and cannot be changed or adjusted by the player. While Prestige Portal may have 4 (Subject to change) number of preselected slots, not all of them will be filled or set, and that's how certain Prestige Portals would be very rewarding compared to others.

Bonus Roll Slots

These are slots that are always empty and can be set by players through Bonus Rolls. The number of available slots depends on the Prestige Portal (at the time it spawns) and is not always constant.

Steps When Bonus Rolling

  • Before entering a Prestige Portal, players will have the option to Bonus Roll.

  • Players spend Prestige Portal Mod Chips to Bonus Roll.

  • Then they can decide on which of the Mod Bonuses they want to "Lock in" before they roll again. The goal, of course, is to fill all the slots with the perfect set of Portal Mods.

  • Each Locked slot, will increase the cost of the subsequent roll.

Regular Portals Modifiers & Bonus Rolls

While Prestige Portals have cosmetic economy and gameplay Modifiers, Regular Portals will have Power Items and gameplay Modifiers.

The idea is for players to run Regular Portals to get power items and Prestige Portals for Cosmetic Items.

Regular Portals can also be Bonus rolled via a currency that can only be obtained through random monster drops.

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