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Gift Mystery Box Airdrops

Now that our Economy design is fleshed out and we have our Collectibles Max Issuances set in stone, we can finally offer our loyal players and Collectible owners Airdrops!

Gift Mystery Box Airdrop Program

Account holdings will determine the quantity/quality of Airdrops received. The images shown are for illustration purposes only as examples, it's not mandatory to have those exact items to get the airdrops.

What Will Be Airdropped

Utility Collectible Airdrops.
There will be a total of 153,000 Workshops that will be Airdropped. We will bundle these Workshops in the form of Gift Mystery Boxes. Here is the info for these boxes:
Mystery Box
Max Supply
Utility Collectible/Box
Workshop Type Chances
Workshop Rarity Chances
Bonus Gift Mystery Box
Armory: 45% Forge: 45% Time Warden 10%
Common: 100%
Time Warden Mystery Box
Armory: 0% Forge: 0% Time Warden 100%
Common: 100%
Premium Gift Mystery Box
Armory: 45% Forge: 45% Time Warden 10%
Common: 50% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 20%
Special Gift Mystery Box
Armory: 45% Forge: 45% Time Warden 10%
Epic: 50% Legendary: 33.3% Mythic: 16.7%


For players to be eligible for the airdrop they need to own at least one Big Time collectible and need to play the game during the previous month of when the airdrop will take place (for example: play during May to be eligible for an airdrop during June)

Reward Allocation

We will be using an Account Point Based System to determine how to allocate the monthly Airdrops, where we sort accounts depending on their gameplay activity & Big Time Collectible Holdings, the more they hold, the higher the airdrop allocation.
  • More Collectibles = More Points
  • Higher Rarity Collectibles = More Points
  • More Valuable Collectibles = More Points
  • More Portal/Dungeon/Adventures Completions = More Points
This means Weapons, Armors, Titles, SPACEs, Workshops, and Mystery Boxes all will be contributing points towards your total account points.
Being eligible does not guarantee an airdrop reward as there are a limited number of Mystery Boxes each month. The allocation per account will depend on the points calculated given the account’s held Big Time Collectibles.
The more you play Big Time and the more Big Time Collectibles you own, the more points you will get, making you eligible for higher rewards during that month.
Airdrop Points Calculation

Account Points

Account points are the main ingredient to get airdrop points, and we calculate them depending on an account's Big Time Collectible holdings (SPACE, Mystery Box, Cosmetic, etc.). The more you hold, the higher the account points.
To calculate the Account Points for players, we will take a snapshot of the account holdings on a random day during the previous month. For example, for March's Airdrops, the account holdings snapshot will be taken on a random February day.

Adventure Bonus

Since Airdrops are available each month, players can complete adventures in Big Time to increase their Airdrop Points.
Each adventure completed during the month will increase the Account Points by 5%. The Adventure Bonus can only go up to 100%, meaning if you want to maximize your Airdrop points, you will have to complete at least 20 adventures during that month.

Airdrop Reward

Accounts will get airdrops depending on their total airdrop points. The higher the points, the higher the reward.

Reward Tiers

Reward tiers represent the number of seats available per month for each of the rewards baskets, and the distribution is as follows:
Reward Tier
Seats Available per month
Tier 5
Tier 4
Tier 3
Tier 2
Tier 1
Each reward tier will be corresponding to the following rewards:
Reward Tier
Tier 5
X1 Grand Gift
Tier 4
X1 Time Warden Gift
Tier 3
X1 Deluxe Gift
Tier 2
X1 Bonus Gift
Tier 1
Note: The number of reward tiers per month and the rewards given the tier are subject to change.
Tier 1: This reward tier is currently not active and may be activated later on.