Big Time Wiki
Current and upcoming features for Big Time

Early Access

  • Four character classes are available:
    • Chronomancer
    • Quantum Fixer
    • Shadowblade
    • Time Warrior
  • Use Pocketwatches to change your Timeline (character class)
  • Customize your Skill Tree to create a character build that matches your play style
  • Master action-based combat with per Weapon Finishers!
  • Party with up to 6 other people
  • Explore a continent and seek out Time Tears to adventure within
  • Procedural Dungeons give you infinite replayability.
  • Help the CommBots solve their Cryptographs.
  • Hundreds of unique cosmetic NFTs!
    • Weapon NFT Cosmetics
    • Armor NFT Cosmetics
    • Titles
  • Exclusive NFT drops for each VIP pass type
  • In-game SPACE NFT drops.

Coming Soon

  • Time Machine:
    • Decorative NFT loot drops, style your Time Machine however you like
    • Expand your Time Machine with SPACE.
  • SPACE Upgrade Features:
    • Time Wardens
    • Forges
    • Armories
    • Ability to hunt for Tokens
  • Story Missions: Epoch City; ability to unlock story missions and travel to different Timeshares
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