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Hourglasses are Collectibles crafted by the Time Warden and they serve as the main way to acquire $BIGTIME Tokens.
Hourglass Overview

How to Acquire Hourglasses

Hourglass Max Issuance & Rarity

Hourglass Max Issuance by Rarity.

Max Issuances

The issuance amounts in the table above are immutable and will never change.


Hourglasses have ten rarity tiers: Common through Unique. The higher the rarity tier, the more $BIGTIME Tokens they can generate.

Acquiring $BIGTIME With Hourglasses

When equipped, Hourglasses allow players to acquire $BIGTIME Tokens while adventuring. The amount of $BIGTIME Tokens acquired increases depending on the number of equipped Hourglasses and their rarity.
$BIGTIME Token generation not only depends on the Rarity but also on a player’s skill and efficiency at playing the game — the harder the content, the more $BIGTIME Tokens they will collect.

Equipping Multiple Hourglasses

Players can spend Time Crystals to increase the number of Hourglasses equipped. Players can equip up to 5 Hourglasses at once.
Slot number
Time Crystal Cost
Note: Values in the table above are subject to change for balancing reasons.
Hourglass Equip Slot Cost
To unlock all 5 equip slots, you will need a total of 18,750 Time Crystals (the sum of all 4 extra equip slots), once the slots are unlocked, they will be available for all pocket watches since this is a one-time purchase.

Hourglass Active Time

Hourglass Cycle.
An Hourglass has a limited Active Time and players will be able to generate $BIGTIME if the Hourglass is equipped and it has an Active Time. Once the Hourglass is depleted, players can recharge it via the Time Warden by using the Recharge Hourglass action.