๐ŸงฉCosmetic Shards

Cosmetic Shards are in-game resource that can be acquired by all players and it's main usage is to be turned into Refined Cosmetic Shards.

Types of Cosmetic Shards

Cosmetic Shards are classified by their Function and Season.

Type By Function

We have 3 types of Cosmetic Shards, sorted by function:

  • Forge Cosmetic Shards: Can be used in the Forge to create Forge Refined Cosmetic Shards.

  • Armory Cosmetic Shards: Can be used in the Armory to create Armory Refined Cosmetic Shards.

  • Wild Cosmetic Shards: Can either be used in the Forge or Armory to create Forge/Armory Refined Cosmetic Shards.

Type By Season

Cosmetic Shards are Seasonal and Each Season, new sets of Cosmetic Shards will be released and will be the main type used for that Season's Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles.

Previous Season's Cosmetic Shards can be converted into the current Season's Cosmetic Shards via an in-game vendor, the conversion rate will vary depending on multiple game economic factors. Previous Season's Cosmetic Shards may also be usable for some recipes during the current Season. (e.g. Previous season Cosmetic Shards could count twice for certain recipes.)

How To Acquire Cosmetic Shards

What Cosmetic Shards Are Used For

Trading Cosmetic Shards

Cosmetic Shards are tradable via the Open Loot Marketplace.

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