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Economy Overview

Welcome to Big Time's Economy Overview.

Our Cosmetic Based Economy

Free-to-Play cosmetic based economy compared to Big Time's Economy Structure.
At Big Time, one of our main design pillars is fair play, which is why we built our economy to be a “Cosmetic Based Economy” For comparison, in a typical free-to-play cosmetic economy, something such as League of Legends, Fortnite, or Valorant, the game studio would sell skins directly to the players.
At Big Time, instead, we empower our players by giving them the ability to craft cosmetics and letting them control the creation and selling of cosmetics in the game. By enabling them to do that, we are inviting them to be deeply rooted within our business model.
The way it works is that we create the 3d models, then list the recipes for players to craft.

Our Special Cosmetic Collectibles

Special perks about our Cosmetic Collectibles.
Our Cosmetics look awesome and they convey status and uniqueness. Our game is a multiplayer Action-RPG which makes it an excellent canvas to show off your unique Possessions.
All our Cosmetics are Digital Collectibles with a limited and immutable supply, meaning any given line of cosmetics will have a fixed number of copies, and that number will never change.
Our Cosmetic Collectibles will also be player-owned, meaning that players will always have the ability to trade or sell them whether on Open Loot or outside our platforms.
Lastly, Owning Cosmetic Collectibles would give players access to exclusive areas in the game, that could take form in an exclusive lounge or a portal that has different non-power related loot tables.

Crafting Collectibles

SPACE, Utility NFTs and Crafting.
Players can participate in the crafting economy by acquiring SPACE and a Utility NFT such as an Armory, Forge, or Time Warden.
SPACE is Big Time’s version of digital land, and Utility NFTs are the factories that enable the crafting of Cosmetic Collectibles and Hourglasses.

$TIME Token Design

Hourglasses are limited supply artifacts that, once equipped, would allow the player to start generating $TIME Tokens while playing the game.
Supply & Demand Dynamics of $TIME Token depending on our player base.
$TIME is a cryptocurrency that acts as the glue of our economy. Since Hourglasses are limited in supply, only a fixed number of players can equip them at any given moment, regardless of the number of active players.
On the other hand, $TIME tokens can be spent by any player, meaning the potential sinks for $TIME in the economy are limited only by the number of players in our game.
The dynamic that emerges from these two systems is that if the player base grows, the supply of $TIME tokens is capped and won’t ever change, but the sinks of $TIME will keep growing as the player base grows.

The Value Chain of Big Time's Economy

To summarize it all, Big Time's Economy Value Chain in Action looks like this:
Big Time's Value Chain In Action.
Now to bring it all together, our value chain would look something like this:
  1. 1.
    Time wardens would craft Hourglasses.
  2. 2.
    Hourglasses are required by our $TIME suppliers who would equip them and start generating $TIME tokens.
  3. 3.
    $TIME tokens are required by our Armory and Forge owners, who need them to craft Cosmetic Collectibles.
  4. 4.
    Cosmetic Collectibles then would be listed on our marketplace for all our non-Utility NFT owners to buy.
And In a nutshell, that's how our game economy would work.