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Big Time will follow a seasonal content release cadence, where each Season consists of approximately 90 days and will include the following content lines:

Race To The Unique

A season from a crafter’s standpoint is a race, where all the crafters are rushing towards crafting that unique rarity Cosmetic Collectible.
Race to the unique rarity Cosmetic Collectible.
In the diagram below, on the left you can see the max issuance numbers for Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles depending on their rarity, and for any given line of Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles, there could only be only 1 unique, and that's why it would be a race to see who would be able to craft this unique first.
Only 1 unique rarity can exist for each line of cosmetic collectible.
Keep in mind that to craft a Craftable Cosmetic Collectible, you would require 3 of the previous rarity, and in this example we can see that to craft a rare which is the 3rd tier of rarity, we would require 9 commons to be crafted.
Now if we take this and fast forward it all the way to a unique which is our 10th rarity tier, then we would need almost 20k commons to craft that unique.
This might look like an large number, but keep in mind that we look at this as being a collaborative effort between all the players of Big Time during a season, where each player has a role in the economy, whether that be providing Cosmetic Shards, $Time tokens or crafting the low rarity cosmetics. Every player will have a role during a season and crafting a unique is the crown jewel of that collaborative effort.
Crafted Cosmetic quantities during a Season.
To touch on this a bit more, as the season goes by, the entire community would gradually climb through the rarity tiers all the way to the unique which should happen towards the end of the season.