๐Ÿฅ‡$BIGTIME Preseason Leaderboard Airdrop

The $BIGTIME Leaderboard is a special airdrop program that rewards players with $BIGTIME Token depending on their in-game actions.

The total amount of $BIGTIME allocated for each Leaderboard round will varry depending on the round.

a Live Leaderboard will be showing the current rankings and will be Updated Daily. Once a leaderboard round is completed, all poitns will be reset for the next round to come.

The Leaderboard can be accessible from this link:


How To Get Points

Your leaderboard position determines your reward tier. The more points you get, the higher you'll move up the leaderboard, and the bigger your reward will be.

Players can get points by doing any of the following actions:

  1. Rank Up - Low points

  2. Craft Collectibles - High points

  3. Run Prestige Portals - Medium points

Rank Up

You'll earn leaderboard points when you hit specific player ranks. The higher the rank you reach, the more points you'll get. For instance, reaching rank 30 will earn you many more points than reaching rank 5.

Craft Collectibles

Players would also get points when they craft via the Forge, Armory, and Time Warden. The more valuable the recipe is, the more points it will contribute. For players to be able to Craft Collectibles, they will first need to own a SPACE then they would need to attach Workshop Collectibles (Armory, Forge & Time Warden) to it to start crafting.

The recipes that will contribute leaderboard points are as follows:

  • Refining Cosmetic Shards.

  • Crafting Cosmetic.

  • Crafting Hourglass.

  • Recharging Hourglass.

  • Dismantling Cracked Hourglass.

Note: that Cosmetic Crafting & Refining cosmetic shards are the two actions that will give the most points compared to their relative crafting cost.

Run Prestige Portals

Prestige Portals are unique portals that have a higher drop rate for Cosmetic Collectibles as well as Economy resources such as Time Crystals and Cosmetic Shards. To enter a Prestige Portal, you'll need to fulfill certain requirements that could range from equipping specific Cosmetics, paying $BIGTIME, or using Time Crystals. Going through these portals will also earn you points, boosting your rank on the leaderboard.

Leaderboard Details

The leaderboard will display the top players who are eligible, which is the number of reward slots available each leaderboard cycle. The leaderboard will be updated daily and reset at the end of each cycle. Keep in mind, that when the leaderboard is reset, everyone's points will go back to 0, but the recruitment association will remain intact throughout this event.

You can check your rank and points on the leaderboard by visiting this webpage:


Reward Amount & Tiers

Reward amounts will be displayed on the Leaderboard. Note that reward amounts can varry depending on the Leaderboard Round.

Once a leaderboard Round is concluded, the reward will be distributed via airdrops in 16 weekly cycles.

In addition to $BIGTIME Tokens we also have Cosmetic Collectible Titles that will be distributed after the end of the third leaderboard cycle:

RarityMax SupplyAllocated to



Rank#1 player for month 1



Rank#1 player for month 2



Rank#1 player for month 3

FAQ - Preseason Leaderboard Airdrop

When will I get my rewards and how do I get them?

You'll receive your rewards shortly after the leaderboard cycle has ended. Note that sometimes we may perform audit reviews on the leaderboard results which could 7 days or so and when this happens the reward distribution could be delayed.

When will this airdrop program start?

This Airdrop program will be kickstarted once the Preseason is live and will last for three months.

Will you show the exact number of points we get for each action?

We won't be sharing the exact values and formulas used to calculate the points but a general rule would be that the harder the action is, the more points it should contribute. For example, crafting a rare cosmetic would yield more points compared to crafting a common cosmetic and so on.

What will happen to my points and my recruits once the leaderboard is reset?

At the end of a leaderboard cycle, all playersโ€™ points will be reset to zero but the recruitment link will remain. What this means is that after a reset, if any of my recruits gained points, I would still get a bonus consisting of percentage of their points.

How frequently will the leaderboard get updated?

The leaderboard will be updated daily.

Do I get points for ranking up pocket watches?

For ranking up, points are only awarded for player rank and not for individual pocket watch ranks.

Which rank thresholds will give me points?

The higher the rank, the more points you will get. For example, reaching rank 5 would give fewer points than reaching rank 10, and so on.

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