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SPACEs are Big Time’s version of Virtual Land. SPACE enables players to expand their Personal Metaverse and connect Workshops.

What SPACE Is Used For

How to Acquire SPACE

SPACE Maximum Issuance

The issuance amounts in the table below are immutable and will never change.
SPACE Max Issuance by Rarity and Size.

SPACE Entrances and Exits

Within each SPACE, there is a Single Entrance and Multiple Exits. For players who want to connect their SPACE to their Personal Metaverse, they will need to use that SPACE's Entrance.
Connecting a SPACE to your Personal Metaverse.
Players can connect multiple SPACEs to one another to further expand their Personal Metaverse.
Connecting multiple SPACEs to one another.
To connect two SPACES, an Entrance needs to be attached to an Exit.
Connecting SPACEs requires an Exit to be connected to an Entrance.
Exits are also used to connect Workshops to the SPACE.
More Exits also means more Utility Collectibles that can be connected.
The number of Exits depends on the SPACE Rarity and size.
SPACE Size determines number of Exits.

SPACE Size and Rarity Benefits

SPACE comes in various Rarities and Sizes. Larger SPACE will allow players to connect more Workshops, place more Decoration Collectibles, and host more friends in their SPACE.
Exits by SPACE Rarity and Size.
Higher Rarity Workshops are only attachable to Higher Rarity SPACEs.
Eligibility of Utility Collectible attachment given a SPACE Rarity.
Some Higher Rarity Decoration Collectibles are only attachable to Higher Rarity SPACEs, and some may require certain sizes of SPACE (e.g. A giant Dinosaur Skeleton may require a Large SPACE).
Decoration Collectibles Attachment given SPACE Rarity.
Higher Rarity SPACEs have a higher chance of dropping a Higher Quality Cracked Hourglass in them.
On the other hand, SPACE Sizes determines the quantity of Cracked Hourglasses that can spawn in that SPACE. The larger the size, the higher the chance of getting more than one Cracked Hourglass.
Cracked Hourglass Drop Rate Given SPACE Rarity.

“Unwrapping” SPACE

SPACE comes with a different internal configuration that determines:
  • The placement of area-specific features
  • The locations of the Exits
  • The theme of each SPACE (e.g. Egyptian, Arthurian, etc.)
SPACE comes “Wrapped”. Players know the rarity and size of their wrapped SPACE, but do not know the internal configuration or theme until it is "Unwrapped". Once a SPACE is unwrapped the internal configuration is Permanent.
Players may sell wrapped or unwrapped SPACE on the Open Loot Marketplace.
Process of unwrapping SPACEs.

SPACE Renting

Renting is an important part of the Big Time economy, and we will release more information on Renting in the future.
Key things we want to achieve with the Renting System:
  • Players with many SPACEs and Workshops should have the option to lend their assets to other players.
  • Players who do not own SPACEs or Workshops and want to participate in the crafting systems should be able to.