๐Ÿ‘—Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles

Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles are a type of Cosmetic Collectibles that can be acquired through crafting by the Forge or Armory.

Max Issuance & Rarity

Max Issuances

The issuance amounts in the table above are immutable and will never change.

We might decide to change that number in the future for the newer sets of Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles, but that won't affect the issuance numbers for the older sets.

Note that when a Cosmetic Craftable Collectible is burnt, it would free up the allocated issuance of that Collectible line. This will typically happen when upgrading a Craftable Cosmetic Collectible to a higher rarity.


Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles have ten Rarity tiers: Common through Unique. Across the different Rarity tiers, the Cosmetic Collectibles will have the same baseline visuals but will look significantly more impressive the higher the rarity tier is.

How To Acquire Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles

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