๐Ÿช™$BIGTIME Token Generation Event Airdrop

The big day has finally arrived! The $BIGTIME token is now officially live, and we will celebrate it with the $BIGTIME TGE Airdrop!

Purpose Of This Airdrop

This airdrop is specifically designed to kick-start the Big Time game economy.

If you've played recently, you might have seen that the hourglass crafting takes time to be fully up and running since more hourglasses are being used for crafting than generating $BIGTIME. This is normal since the economy is getting started. But for the Cosmetic Crafting part to work, it needs $BIGTIME. This is where the TGE Airdrop helps. It gives players diving into cosmetic crafting and those exploring prestige portals in high-end areas the $BIGTIME they need while the hourglass crafting ramps up.


To be eligible for this airdrop, players need to have participated in any of our 8 Gift Mystery box airdrops or played in the last patch. One of the main design pillars for $BIGTIME is that it's made for the players, so adding this rule made sure that the eligible users are players who enjoy Big Time and want to enjoy it even more with the game economy features.


Distributed amounts range from 2,300 to 50,000 which are allocated based on points. Points are calculated in a similar way as the Gift Mystery Box Airdrop but are slightly different since they factor in multiple months of activity.

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