Glossary of Terms

Big Time features its own lingo of colorful sayings and catchphrases.

Adventure Instances

Instanced Levels where a party of friends can play together. Most of the Adventure Instances are procedurally generated.

Big Time

Street slang for โ€œParadox Corporate,โ€ the company that owns time.

Dyson Sphere

A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures a large percentage of its solar power output.

Game Quests

Story-based missions that the player receives from Non-Player Characters in the game. These can be completed solo or with help from friends. Most take place in the Hub world or procedurally generated instances.


When and where a person is originally from before coming to Timeโ€™s End.


Pocketwatches are earned in-game by defeating enemies. They allow players to switch between classes and save their progress for each class.

Timeโ€™s End

Time's End is a land at the end of space and time, converted into a refuge center for those fleeing the universe's collapse. It holds the repository of all the collected knowledge of the universe.

Time Machine

Your personal universe inside Big Time. Expand your Time Machine and production capabilities with SPACE, Time Wardens, Armories, and Forges.


A paradox in the space-time continuum where historical norms are violated and significant ripple effects spread out and cause cracks in time and space.


Timerifts are cracks in time and space caused by Timequakes. Timerifts only flow in one direction. Objects and even people can fall through them. They lead to other Time Collisions on any planet orbiting Timeโ€™s End. Most Timerifts are small, but sometimes even massive objects like the Titanic fall through large cracks in time.

Time Collisions

Allow people to โ€œlive in the pastโ€ where they can come and go as quickly as walking through a doorway created by the Paradox Engine that allows multiple divergent copies of space-time to exist in parallel time bubbles.


Uncharted and unstable time rifts are known as โ€œwildones.โ€ The cracks in time show up seemingly at random, but there is a pattern of when they open and where they lead. Until a wildone has been stabilized, it is likely to disappear and reappear at a new location.

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