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New Player Quick Start

Welcome to Big Time Early Access! Here is a quick guide to help you get started!
Head on over to our official Discord and join the #big-time-general channel if you have any questions.

Simple steps to get started

Step 1 - Choose where you're going to play

See our guide here - Select your server​
Select the city of the server you want to play on
Each city has multiple instances to choose from

Step 2 - Choose your class

Choose your class. You might have already done this.
Your class is determined by your Pocket Watch. See the Pocket Watches page for more information

Step 3 - Customize your controls

If you like more control over how things are set up, this is a great time to do that. Hit Escape to open up the Game Menu, from here click on the settings tab and then scroll to the controls tab. Here you have the ability to fully customize all of your controls.

Step 4 - Follow your quest prompts

We've given you a couple of simple tasks to help get you started.
  1. 1.
    Explore Town: Follow the yellow marker (140m in the picture below) to the town square!
  2. 2.
    Find your first Adventure Portal (some might call them dungeons). Head North!

Step 5 - Find a party/group!

The game is tuned for group-based play right now. A full party of 6 will give you larger amounts of everything! It is possible to solo play, but we won't be tuning for that until later in the year.

Ways to find a party

Hit "P" to pull up the party window. Make sure your "looking for group" is on (as pictured), and if you don't want to wait for someone to invite you, fire up your own party by inviting others.
Head on over to our official Discord and find some party mates in the LOOKING FOR PARTY section. We respect each other in the Big Time community, so please join us in doing so while you're participating.
Use Zone or Global chat to let people know!

Step 6 - Off to the races!

Now that you have your party, head North to the sea shore or head South to the forest to find portals that are in your level range. For the best possible experience, we suggest you "play the game right"
  • Full party if possible
  • Make sure you're playing content around your level range
  • Stay within 200 meters of your party members so you all get credit for enemy kills which give experience and can potentially give pocket watches, gold, accessories, weapons, bags, armor, Artifact Fragments, and even NFTs!
  • Keep in mind that rushing the boss room doesn't necessarily benefit you
  • Enjoy yourself and find people you enjoy playing with

Step 7 - Play other classes

Either find ⏱Pocket Watches through running Portals/Dungeons or head over to the class trainer vendor bots, and they'll hook you up with starter pocket watches for any class. See the image below.
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