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New Player Quick Start

Welcome to Big Time Early Access! Here is a quick guide to help you get started!
Head on over to our official Discord and join the #big-time-general channel if you have any questions.

Simple steps to get started

Step 1- Account creation

The First thing you need, to play Big Time, is to have an active account on Open Loot. You can read more about creating your account on the following article: Account creation.

Step 2- EA Pass

During Early Access, every users needs an active special VIP pass in order to experience the gameplay ahead of the public release, you can read more about our passes here: Accessing the game on EA, or in the Early Access Passes Section. In order to activate your pass just follow this instructions.

Step 3- Game installation

After you activate your Pass, you will get a link to download Open Loot Games launcher. Please follow this instructions to Install Big Time on your computer.

Step 4 - Choose where you're going to play

Each City represents a server, and the numbers that follow represents the "ping" you have to said server. The lower the number is, the faster the connection will be, therefore we recommend you to choose the lowest one available for you. Keep in mind that to play with friends you will have to choose the same server and instance. Instances are subdivisions of said server and have indicators of how many players are currently logged into. See our guide here - Select your server​
Select the city of the server you want to play on
Each city has multiple instances to choose from
Once you have done selected a gateway, hit "Play".

Step 5 - Get familiarized with the controls

If you like more control over how things are set up, you can later hit escape to open up the Game Menu, from there click on the settings tab and then scroll to the controls tab. There you will have the ability to customize all your controls.
Once you have done so hit "Continue".

Step 6 - Choose your class

The first screen you will find, in game, will be the character class selection screen. Each character class has a unique play style, and you won't be able to change it until you finish the Tutorial, but don't worry, changing it later is super easy. Your character class comes associated to your pocket watch or PW, each Pocket Watch holds a complete new character and its equipped items. The available classes at the moment are:
Your class is determined by your Pocket Watch. See the Pocket Watches page for more information
Once you choose one (by clicking on it), click "Confirm"

Step 7 - Follow the quest prompts

After choosing your class you will be spawn on a cave and starter gear will be given to you. You will also be able to see a Welcome bot, get close to him and he will give you your first quest.
To interact with NPC's get close to them and press "E" after that you can simply click the options on the conversation
Your active quests will be shown below the minimap (1), and if they have an available target; on screen to (2):
Throughout the duration of the training different tips and indications will be shown for you, to help you understand the dynamics of the game.

Step 8 - Skills and Stat Points

Through the development of the game you will be able to "level up" your character; each time this happens you will get: 1-Skill points 2-Stat points 3-Passive points

Skill points

You will be able to assign skill points, to get new abilities or to improve the ones you already have on your Pocket Watch, by pressing "K". When yo do so your Pocket Watch skill tree will show up. Available skills will be highlighted and unavailable skills will be grayed out, if a skill is grayed out, it means that you currently don't meet the proper requirements to level it up. To check which requirements you are missing you can select skill 1) and then check on the bottom right 2) Some skills might require a certain level, a previous skill or a trainer to unlock.
To check the skill effect, just select it and read the description (1). Below said description you will find how that skill levels up(2). To assign a skill point to the skill, just click the + sign that shows up when you hover with your mouse pointer (3), and then confirm (4)

Stat Points

You will be able to assign stat points to your Pocket Watch by pressing "K". Pocket Watch Stat points affect your character skills and different aspects of the gameplay, such as health, energy, melee damage, and magic damage between others. To see the effect of each stat point, you can hover the mouse over it and a small description will show up (1). Also on the right part of your screen (2) you will get a detailed explanation and can foresee how additional stat points will affect your pocket watch.
To assign a stat point, just click the + sign that shows up when you hover with your mouse pointer and then confirm similar to the skill points.

​Passive Points​

These are the only points that are independent from your pocket watch. To assign them you have to press "k" then select the "Passive Tree" option (1), select the skill you want to level (2) up and then "confirm".
Note: you wont be able to use your personal Metaverse until the tutorial is finished.

Step 9- Complete the tutorial

Continue to follow the quest until you get transported to Times End. Once you reach times end, you will spawn on a dock full of helpful bots full ot tips and information. Finally you will have to clear on more dungeon in order to complete your training, to do so we recommend to form a party!. After completing your training you will be able to use your personal pocket metaverse, if you assigned the propper pasive point to it.

Step 10 - Find a party/group!

The game is tuned for group-based play right now. A full party of 6 will give you larger amounts of everything! It is possible to solo play, but we won't be tuning for that until later in the year.

Ways to find a party

To do so press "P" to pull up the party window. Make sure your "looking for group" is on (as pictured), and if you don't want to wait for someone to invite you, fire up your own party by inviting others, to do so just click on the "+" sign.
On this screen you can also accept party invitations and Block players.
You can also head on over to our official Discord and find some party members in the LOOKING FOR PARTY section. We respect each other in the Big Time community, so please join us in doing so while you're participating.
Finally you can use our Zone or Global chat by pressing the enter key, slecting the propper channel and sending a message.
If you are allready on a party, a parrty section will show up on the chat.

Step 10- Off to the races!

Now that you have your party, find portals that are in your level range and have fun. For the best possible experience, we suggest you "play the game right"
  • Full party if possible
  • Make sure you're playing content around your level range
  • Stay within 200 meters of your party members so you all get credit for enemy kills which give experience and can potentially give pocket watches, gold, accessories, weapons, bags, armor, Artifact Fragments, and even collectibles!
  • Keep in mind that rushing the boss room doesn't necessarily benefit you
  • Enjoy yourself and find people you enjoy playing with

Step 11- Switching classes/Pocket Watches

To switch classes, or to start a new character, the first thing you need is to find a new ⏱Pocket Watch. You can do this by either going through Portals/Dungeons, or by heading over to the class trainer vendor bots, to get a new starter pocket watches for any class.
Once you acquire a new pocket watch, you can press the letter "I" and select "Change Timeline" (1)
To switch to your alternative pocket watch just click on it (2); the pocketwatch lvl will be shown on the bottom right (3)