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Early Access Passes

What are Early Access Passes?

Big Time offers Early Access to the game via VIP Pass NFTs. These passes allow players to play the game before the free-to-play global launch. There are Gold, Silver, Jade, and Ruby passes available for Early Access. During Early Access, players can collect rare NFTs and experience the game first.
Ruby passes will be assigned to each player's account once earned after a short period of time. The redemption process will be the same as Gold, Silver and Jade pass tiers. We are currently in the Ruby Pass access. Join our discord in the #player-support channel for help with redeeming your Ruby pass.
Gold, Silver, and Jade passes are available for purchase on Big Time Marketplace
Ruby passes are passes designated for the community. They can be earned by being active in the community and in select giveaways.
Learn more about Early Access Passes on our Medium below. 👇

Benefits of Early Access

Players with Early Access had additional time in-game before the global free-to-play launch. During the period, players collected rare utility and cosmetic NFTs at a higher drop rate than found in-game for the worldwide launch.

Where can I purchase it?

Early Access Passes have sold out. We recommend purchasing via the open market on the official Big Time secondary marketplace.

Verified Secondary Marketplaces

Big Time:

Be aware of scams! Only use the verified Marketplaces noted above.