Big Time Wiki

Player Archetypes

For the different types of players in Big Time, we made sure that we built the economy in a way that would be very inclusive to all types of players.
Examples of player archetypes in Big Time.
Free-to-play players
leveling up & Clearing content
Engage with non-exclusive game content with no power disadvantages
Cosmetic Collectible Collectors
Acquire a vast collection of cosmetic collectibles
Buys cosmetic collectibles from the marketplace and engages with exclusive portals
$BIGTIME Farmers
Supply the ecosystem with $BIGTIME tokens
Levels up to access the highest difficulty content to acquire more $BIGTIME tokens
Utility Collectible Owners
Supply the ecosystem with craftable cosmetic collectibles and hourglass services
Engage with the Open Loot market and seasonal events to maximize their production efficiency
Whether you're a free to play player who only looks forward to exploring new gameplay content. Or if you're a Cosmetic collector, looking to showcase your awesome collection wherever you go within Big Time, everyone has a place in Big Time and everyone should have a joyful experience within our game without needing to pay a dime.