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Time's End

The last remaining land at the end of time and space
Time's End is a land at the end of space and time, converted into a refuge center for those fleeing the collapse of the universe. Once the greatest combo university, museum and library ever built... Time’s End holds the repository of all collected knowledge of the universe.
The ancient alien race of Time Weavers created "The Paradox Engine" also known as a Dyson Sphere. A Dyson sphere is a megastructure that completely encompasses a star or black hole and captures a large percentage of its energy power output. These spheres act as the power source for alien race time travel and generate parallel universes and timelines. The Paradox Engine is believed to have been created to study the collapse as well as halt its destruction.
It falls on Evermore Academy and the greatest minds across history to teach a new generation of heroes to save time. Although doing so could paradoxically undo the creation of Time's End itself.