Big Time Wiki

The Story

Set in the distant future at the very end of time... All stars in the universe are blinking out of existence as massive black holes slowly swallow them up.
“Big Time” is the street slang for “Paradox Corporate,” the company that owns time. Paradox sells “Time Collisions” which act as lifeboats for the survivors looking to escape the depressing existence at the end of the universe. Time Collisions allow survivors to live in the past where they can come and go as quickly as walking through a doorway.
Something has gone very wrong with the alien technology that powers the Time Collisions. All of the Time Collisions have started to crash into each other, accelerating the end of the universe as the walls of time and space collapse.
The greatest minds from history have been summoned to Evermore Academy at Time's End to teach a new generation of heroes how to solve the crisis. Join teachers like Albert Einstein and Merlin as you learn tools to battle against Paradox Corporate to save the universe.