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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a Big Time token?
There will be a Big Time token which can only be earned by playing the game and defeating enemies. The token will never be assigned to any employees, sold to investors, or offered through any pre-sales. The token will be available after the global game launch, as an in-game resource.
How do I download the game and start playing?
The game is currently only available for Early Access Pass holders. Read more on how to redeem your pass and download the game here.
What is the difference between the various Early Access Passes?
What blockchain is Big Time built on?
Big Time is built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, we use our proprietary "Vault" technology to circumvent the lackluster user experience and high costs of Ethereum.
When is the global free-to-play launch of Big Time?
This info has not been released yet. Stay tuned for more information.
How do I prepare for Early Access Launch if I have an Early Access Pass?
Read our recent Medium post for more information on Early Access Pass redemption.
How can I buy SPACE and other NFTs?
Read more about how to purchase NFTs in our "Buying Big Time NFTs" article.
How do I deposit funds into the Big Time Marketplace and complete my KYC?
Read more about depositing and our KYC process in our article "Deposits & KYC"
Why has my Marketplace account been suspended?
Please open a ticket on customer support​
How long do withdrawals from the Marketplace take?
If there are no KYC issues, the recommended waiting time for withdrawal is 7 days. Keeping our user's funds safe is our top priority. We are working on different strategies that will allow us to keep the same level of security while decreasing the wait time for withdrawals.
Do I need SPACE to play the game?
Big Time is a free-to-play game. No specific items are needed to enjoy the game, and NFTs do not provide a combat advantage.
Can we trade SPACE and NFTs in-game?
SPACE and other NFTs can't be Traded at this time, however they can be bought and sold on the Big Time Marketplace.
Are there any guilds participating in Big Time?
Over a dozen major guilds have joined the Big Time economy. Some notable examples include Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, Avocado Guild, Loudgg, Neo Tokyo, OpenDAO, among many others. Join our Discord and go to the #Guild-Recruitment Channel to find a Guild that suits your playstyle!
Read more of our FAQs in our Medium article below 👇