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Choose your Fate

Learning the ropes

When you start playing Big Time, you will be asked to choose a starting class. You will not be able to change classes until you find a pocketwatch by defeating enemies. Pocketwatches allow players to switch between different classes. As you progress through the game, you will be able to collect pocketwatches for each class, allowing you to save your progress as you level up.
Way of the Time Warrior (Barbarian) - Taught by the legendary Genghis Khan.
Way of the Chronomancer (Mage) - Taught by the fabled Merlin the magician.
Way of the Shadowblade (Ninja) - Taught by the spymaster Mochi Chiyome
Way of the Quantum Fixer (Medic) - Taught by the Founding Father Ben Franklin.
As our heroes level up and overcome many ordeals, their outward appearance and demeanor grow to reflect their newfound confidence and inner strength. They gain new abilities and can wield more powerful armor, items and artifacts.